"“Beware, my boy! Get her into the car very quickly so that the caliph doesn’t find out and make mincemeat out of you!”. A long, silver limousine with a chauffeur dressed like a Mexican cavalier pulled up in front of us. I got her inside and sat beside her. We began fondling and kissing each other with brutal, drunken lust.
A small overhead lamp cast a dim light in the interior of the car. “Turn it off, faggot!” she ordered the chauffeur. “I can’t, boss; my orders are to have it lit at all times.”“No one spies on me!” She smashed the lamp with her fist and wiped the blood from her knuckles on the seat of the car.
“And lower that fucking mirror—if you try to spy on us, I’ll tear out your eyes!” Obediently, the chauffeur lowered the rear view mirror, relying only on the side-view mirrors as he drove. Then, with no witnesses in sight, we attempted to make love in the shadows, but we both passed out."

The spiritual Journey of Alejandro Jodorowsky